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Over a decade of development and manufacture of world-famous reading devices:

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Meet Excalibur... the ultimate reading machine.

Excalibur Reading Machine

The Excalibur represents the culmination of two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing assistive devices, widely used and known by our blind and vision-impaired customers all over the world.

This remarkable reading machine combines all the attributes one should look for in a reading machine: speed, reading accuracy, simplicity of use, low weight and small size. We included all this, and yet, incredibly, we managed to keep the glass size at 14.5 x 8.5 inches (370 x 216 mm), the largest scan area available in any reading machine of its size and price, making it possible to scan two pages of a standard-size book at the same time. The machine weighs only 8.5 lb (3.7 kg), making it possible to be carried around with ease. With internal storage of 10,000 pages and external USB storage, multi-lingual capabilities and logical and intuitive user interface, this is a reading machine suited for a demanding vision-impaired user.

This Web site is an initiative of the Sensory Tools division of the Robotron Group, an organisation committed to assisting people with vision-impairment, blindness and other forms of disabilities.

These pages are all about reading machines, marvelous examples of advanced technology applied to human welfare. Robotron has been manufacturing reading machines since 1990. Our products distinguish themselves by high performance, simplicity of use and low cost.

Reading machines rely on three basic technologies:

 Scanner technology to scan an image into computer memory;

 Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert the image to text;

 Text-to-speech (TTS) technology to convert the text into intelligible speech.

Stand-alone reading machines are all-in-one devices combining all three essential elements in a single integrated system. While hybrid solutions involving standard PCs, scanners and appropriate software do exist, stand-alone reading machines are unparalleled in their performance and ease of use. This is because their closely integrated system is developed and optimised for this application, allowing users direct access to the scanned text, rather than via screen-reading software which always imposes a penalty in terms of ease of use and responsiveness.

Robotron reading machines are ideal for those who wish for simplicity of operation and speed. To read a document or a book, place it on top of the machine, and press the start button. This is not unlike the operation of a photocopier or fax machine. Indeed, this simplicity is the reason why many users prefer a stand-alone reading machine to a computer-based solution. This can be compared to the convenience of having a stand-alone fax machine even though copying and sending a fax can be accomplished, considerably less conveniently, with a PC equipped with the necessary software and peripherals.

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