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How do reading machines work?

A typical Robotron reading machine looks like a small photopier. It has a scanning area at the top and a control panel with the Start key and several other control keys. The the scanner lid is detachable to allow scanning of very thick books. The size of the scanning area is large enough to be able to read two pages of most books at once. The orientation of the document placed on the scanner does not matter; the machine determines this automatically. Pressing the Start key makes the machine scan the document and read it aloud. The user can interrupt the speech at any time and navigate within the text using the cursor keys.

In wasn't of course always that easy. The first reading machines, dating back to the seventies, were bulky, slow to use and expensive (tens of thousands of dollars). Robotron introduced the first truly affordable reading machines, making it possible, for the first time in history, for an ordinary blind person to own a reading machine. Today, we continue developing affordable yet powerful reading machines in this tradition. Robotron reading machines can be found at homes, schools, offices, public libraries, used by thousands of blind and vision impaired people from all walks of life, in many countries of the world.

Product summary  


Simon Reading MachineSimon is our lowest-cost and simplest-to-use reading machine. Much lighter and smaller than previous models, it boasts an excellent recognition accuracy, and is suitable for users who do not require file storage, external computer connection, the ability to store information on a disk, or the multiple language ability which is available in our high-end model. Simon is truly a "one-touch" reading machine, operated as easily as a photocopier. Just press the Start button, and the machine will do the rest. Everything is automatic!


Excalibur Reading Machine

Excalibur is our top-of-the-range reading system. It is famous for its excellent recognition capability, simplicity of use thanks to an intuitive user interface, ability to read in multiple languages with the highest voice quality available, powerful file storage facilities, the ability to read external files and much more. For power, independence, private and ready access to printed and electronic text, Excalibur is the tool of choice.